When the final page of your story is written, what would you like it to say?

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Every new day is an opportunity to write a new page in the story of your life. 

With Change you can make the next chapters your best yet.

About Matthew

'A true light of hope and guidance for us all'

Matthew Williams is the bestselling author of 'Something Changed - Stumbling Through Divorce, Dating and Depression'.

He is a professional speaker, and specialises in people development for both the sports and mental health sectors.

He worked in sports development for two decades, working with clubs and coaches across the country to identify and achieve their goals. He is an experienced and accomplished tutor, and led the national coach and club development programmes of a major sports governing body.

Matthew is a big believer in using life’s setbacks as a springboard to success, and is passionate about supporting people to change their lives for the better.

The Power of Your Story

Stories have a transformative power to allow us to see the world in a different way

Our lives are built on the stories we tell ourselves - about who we are & the events that shaped us

YOU have the power to rewrite your story, let Matthew show you how

People Influenced by Matthew

"Matthew brings his wealth of experience and expertise to deliver a unique self development course that we will all be able to hugely benefit from. Sometimes we can find ourselves stuck and searching for meaning.Change is the perfect way to explore, through storytelling, how we can take agency of our own lives and empower ourselves to make the changes necessary to lead the life that we want for ourselves."

Heather McKenna MA, MBACP (Professional Counsellor)

“Change is inevitable, and even the most ‘flexible’ of us need help at times to adapt and live our best life. Matthew uses his personal and professional experience and expertise in a truly unique way. Matthew uses a clear, empathetic and logical approach to help us work through our own stories and seek our best way forward. A truly positive and potentially life changing course for anyone.”

Natalie Queiroz (Survivor, Author of 'Still Standing', Motivational Speaker & Anti-Knife Crime Campaigner)

Matthew has worked with and been featured by many organisations, including: